Mental health advocate and business development strategist Tom Keya
Tom Keya is a business development consultant and analyst with an interest in advocating for better mental health support in the workplace and in impact investing.
Tom Keya
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Welcome to the personal website of Tom Keya


Based in Dubai, Tom leads the debate on employee mental health and is an advocate for positive workplaces.


Tom is the Founder of Soulh – a wellness company focusing on tech and supplements to help mental health in the workplace. His primary focus is driving employee wellbeing within law firms.


With decades of experience as a consultant and business strategist, Tom Keya has become more focussed on business development in recent years.


Interspersing consultancy with advocating for stronger mental health protection within the workplace, Tom has a clear focus on the future.

Mental Health & Wellbeing
Impact Leader & Impact 17+1 Club
Thought leadership


Mental health in the workplace


At director level, Tom Keya believes there is little more important than the mental health and wellbeing of employees. This ties in with his work on corporate impact and purpose initiatives.


For Mr Keya, mental health should be treated in the same manner as physical health in the workplace. This means specifically supporting employees who need to take time out and get some help for their mental wellbeing.


“My corporate values always focus primarily on the health and wellbeing of the workforce. When management treat employees as their clients, a positive cycle is initiated with employees doing the same to the firm’s clients in turn.”


Being deliberately staff-focused leads to strong client focused achievements. Tom’s mission is to work towards eradicating mental health barriers in the workplace. He wants to change the conversation from ‘stress management at work’ as this sends the wrong message. Stress is an inevitable part of corporate life, and there are ways to learn to deal with it. Anxiety and depression, on the other hand, can be catastrophic for employees who are not given the support and help they need.


This support extends to employees’ physical health too. Tom is a proponent of corporations providing access to sport and exercise as part of the package. He uses his own experiences in dealing with mental health issues to support and assist employees.


Impact leader and member of the Impact 17+1 Club


Tom is a member of the Impact 17+1 Club, which is a community of like-minded impact leaders from around the world.


The club was formed on the basis that every person is accountable for their own impact on this world. This community of purpose-driven impactors are fuelling innovative ways to create a better future for the next generation.


Impact 17+1 initiative iTalk invites impact leaders to share their vision, action and stories. By connecting, engaging and interacting through this global eco-system, impact leaders can raise awareness, take urgent action and cultivate conscious leadership.


For Tom, impact is linked to the legacy we leave behind and how others will remember something amazing that we’ve done. He says: “No matter how well you’re doing or how disciplined you are, you can always quickly adapt and do something amazing.”


Read about the Impact 17+1 Club, its members and events below.


Thought leadership around mental health and business strategy


Tom writes regularly on various topics including mental health advocacy in the workplace, impact investment, Family Offices are their role, business strategy and industry news around the world and particularly in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Iran and many others.


Check his blog regularly and his Medium for his take on the burning issues of the day, and for more about Tom Keya click here.

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