About Tom Keya | Business Development Strategist
Find out about Dubai-based business man Tom Keya, a business development expert, impact investor and advocate for greater mental health support in the workplace.
Tom Keya
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About Tom Keya


Business development strategist and mental health advocate 


Tom Keya currently works and lives in Dubai, UAE. Tom is the Founder of Soulh – a wellness company focusing on tech and supplements to help mental health in the workplace. His work encompasses business development and strategy, advocating for a better understanding of mental health issues within the workplace and impact investment.


Tom is a passionate supporter of the need for systemic change in the way the mental and physical health of employees is supported. As well as philanthropic and strategic work in this sector, Tom also regularly writes for various online publications on mental health in the workplace and a number of other topics.

Why mental and physical health in the workplace needs more support


With years of experience in the corporate sphere as a director and business leader, Tom recognises there is too little support for employee mental health.

One of the biggest threats to well-being, mental health issues can be exacerbated without appropriate support from the corporation. As such, Tom is a passionate advocate for supporting both the mental and physical health of people in the workplace through the provision of exercise and sports.


He says: “At work, a firm’s culture should be focused on fun. Life is complicated enough! By focusing on mental health, firms can open up honest two-way communication. For example, in my past roles, I have often enlisted the support of a psychiatrist to come into the office regularly and just talk to my team. If we’re all open about our mental health then when someone needs help, they will ask for it without hesitation.”


Employee wellbeing trumps office politics for Tom, and he firmly believes this leads to more benefit for a firm’s clients too. Tom adds: “Like in all professional services, lawyers have had to deal with a huge impact on their mental health for years. Now that the lockdown is easing, we will see a surge in this, and law firms must work to mitigate it. Law is one of the toughest jobs there is, but as long as mental health is addressed, people are equipped not just to survive but also to

The urgency of impact investment

As a member of the Impact 17+1 Club, Tom regularly communicates with like-minded business leaders from many different sectors. Together, they raise awareness of the urgent need for impact across the board. There is a strong emphasis on the individual and taking responsibility for the impact we all leave behind.


Creating a better future for the world will take individual responsibility and group effort. Through Impact 17+1, Tom connects with like-minded peers to find new ways to innovate, change and improve. He is always working towards leaving something behind for other people that can be considered great.


Through impact investment, innovation, collaboration, and communication, impact leaders around the world can cultivate a kind of conscious leadership for a better future.Impact 17+1 initiative iTalk invites impact leaders to share their vision, action, and stories. By connecting, engaging, and interacting through this global eco-system, impact leaders can raise awareness, take urgent action and cultivate conscious leadership.

Thought leadership and changing the debate


Tom writes across a number of online publications, as well as on his blog and Medium about mental health, impactors, impact investment, sport in the workplace for employee wellness, innovation, business strategy, and change with a focus on Iran, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Currently based in Dubai, Tom has worked in a number of countries over the years.